Elevate your practice.
Improve the lives of patients.

The Winback Academy serves one goal:
for therapists to master the Winback technology and techniques.

Combining this mastery with existing therapeutic expertise,
enables members to deliver the best treatment to patients.


We support therapists at every step of the way with our training courses and discussion groups.

From basic operation to the provision of a wide range of treatments, Winback Academy ensures therapists utilize the full potential of our equipment.


Carried out in your practice, these trainings allow you to understand the equipment and to discover how to use it with your own techniques


These one-day training sessions, given by expert colleagues, cover the theoretical aspects as well as practical workshops depeding on your field of expertise.


Accessible after a MyPRACTICE training, the expert level is intended for anyone wishing to perfect their practice and discover new protocols related to their specialty.




This training is the gateway for therapists wishing to add the Winback tecartherapy to their approach.

The program includes a theoretical presentation of the Tecar Winback, then applications in rehabilitation, with the different modalities and their uses. Finally, you will complete the course with practice and discussion.





Optimize the use of your Winback for the accompaniment of sportsmen, during injuries but also in their preparation or their recovery. The theoretical part will focus on the link between sports physiology and Winback. During the practice, you will see how to treat pathologies such as muscle injuries, pubalgia, periostitis or
tendinopathies. As a bonus, discover the possible associations with other technologies such as the dynamic compression GMOVE-SUIT or the focused tecar Hi-TENS by R-SHOCK.



Learn online on our Winback Academy platform.

Join fellow therapists in a supportive environment to discover new skills and techniques.

Our Winback Academy platform contains hundreds of hours of videos, online courses, clinical resources, protocols, webinars replay, discussion groups and more. Since we never stop learning, our library is constantly updated with new material.


trainings across the globe per year


events per year


protocols developed


publications per year


A community of international Winback experts with a common goal.

Winback and its Academy have united thousands of experts and therapists from all over the world.

Our Academy has developed new approaches, trainings, and a strong community of like-minded professionals.

Together, the group has improved and mastered their knowledge in various areas of physiotherapy from athletic injuries and women’s health to wellness and aesthetics.

We encourage ambitious, forward-thinking therapists to join us.

At Winback Academy we share in pioneering new techniques, findings, and therapeutic protocols.

Contact hello@winback-academy.org for more info


A word from the Winback Academy President

"When we created the Winback Academy, the first idea was to provide technological knowledge so that every therapist would be able to use Winback technologies.

So we set up learning programs tailored to each individual.The experience of the Winback Academy allowed me to travel the world to conduct training in different countries.

By meeting people, I was able to put in touch therapists of different nationalities who use the same Winback technology. With time, the Winback Academy has become much more than that: a community imagined as a place of exchange and sharing of international knowledge.

The strength of this community lies in the diversity of therapists that make it up: physiotherapists, chiropractors, sports trainers, midwives, osteopaths, masseurs, Chinese medicine practitioners.... Gathered by the passion of the therapy, each one bringing its experience and its culture, the Winback Academy became a vast network of learning between therapists of all horizons on a worldwide scale.

This Winback Academy is also yours! In addition to learning how to master a technology, it will allow you to find a therapist near you and in every country ready to exchange with you.

You will never be lost, not only from a therapeutic point of view but also from a personal point of view. You will always find a Winbacker ready to share his therapeutic tips but also a good place to eat or have a drink!

This is the spirit of the Winback Academy... Welcome!"

Frédéric Delacour

Osteopath and Sports PT, Paris, France, Winback Academy President

Our Winback Academy International Committee

Frédéric Delacour

Osteopath and Sports PT, Winback Academy President, Paris, France

Aurore Chambaudu

Physical Therapist, Endocrine Dysfunctions & Women's Health Specialist, Paris, France

Christian de Peretti

Sport physiotherapist, Cannes, France

Ignasi De La Rosa Castro

Physical Therapist, Director of Sport PRO Training Center, Sports & Rehabilitation Specialist, Barcelona, Spain

Lucía Martínez

Physical Therapist, Director of TARSO Clinic, Pelvic Floor Specialist, Almería, Spain

Gareth Ziyambi

Physical Therapist, Clinic Director at A2Z Elite Health & Performance & PT Consultant for British Diving for the last 4 Olympic Games (6 medals) London, UK

Jeffrey Tucker

Chiropractor, President ACA Rehab Council, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Ken Johnson

Physical Therapist, Director Ambulatory Rehabilitation Therapy Services, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD, USA

Gregg Larivee

Chiropractor, Integrated Medical Center, Jupiter, FL, USA

Doug Adams

Physical Therapist, CEO RunDNA, Willmigton, DE, USA

Faith Timbang

Chiropractor, Orange, CA, USA

Federico Morini

Physical therapist, Hydrokinesitherapist & Wellness Specialist, Terlizzi, Italy

Roberta Cagnetta

Physical therapist, Hydrokinesitherapist & Wellness Specialist, Terlizzi, Italy

Christian Gräff

Sports PT, Germany

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