Testimonial Dr Bernard Kim, DC, Strike Recovery-winback

Testimonial Dr Bernard Kim, DC, Strike Recovery

‘I was first introduced to Winback Tecar therapy at the world renowned ”OC Fight Docs” Kessler Family Wellness sports therapy clinic in Tustin, California while working as an associate Chiropractor in 2017. After returning to Canada to open up a sports therapy clinic of his own (Strike Recovery and Performance Inc.), the Back3SE unit was one of the focal pieces of therapy equipment he would build his clinic around.

No other other physical therapy modality allows such a seamless transition from static acute passive care on a treatment table, to simultaneous treatment while the patient is actively performing functional and dynamic movements -adding in the sports specificity component for maximum tissue adaptability.

The unique ability to provide a 2 in 1 method of applying therapeutic electric currents with hands-on manual therapy techniques like Hawkgrips (IASTM) therapy is truly innovative to the rehab industry – using precision-engineered instruments to detect and treat fascial restrictions and scar tissue. We repeatedly see recovery times of musculoskeletal injuries from strains, sprains, tendonitis to adhesive capsulitis and more are reduced drastically. Patients are always blown away when they first feel the RET energy radiating from the therapists’ hands, feeling a soothing warmth to the practitioner’s touch or instrument being utilized.

A game-changer in the sports rehab industry, and a must have in every clinic.’

Dr Bernard Kim, DC, www.strikerecovery.com

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