Winback Tecatherapy is a physiological bio-accelerator that speeds up the natural regeneration of tissues at the cellular level.

Entirely non-invasive. 100% natural.

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The proven blockbuster in teletherapy.

Intuitive and versatile with a wide range of high frequencies to treat tissues from the deepest to the most superficial.


Tecartherapy at your fingertips.

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When combined with therapist's techniques


Winback high frequency TECAR acts at the cellular level

Winback TECAR are high frequency currents producing a flow of ions at the cellular level.

1. Relieve from pain

Winback tecartherapy inhibits the transmission of pain messages by saturating nociceptors. The result? An immediate & lasting pain relief enabling therapists to work more smoothly et efficiently.

Study: Bretelle F, Fabre C, Golka M, Pauly V, Roth B, Bechadergue V, Blanc J. (2020) Capacitive-resistive radiofrequency therapy to treat postpartum perinal pain: a randomized study. PLoS One, 15(4):e0231869.4

2. Restore movement

Winback TECAR energy increases temperature helping to release muscle tensions and improve vascularization to make movement easier. Gain freedom and range of motion.

Study: Lee H-r, Shim J-h, Oh D-w. (2017) Effects of high-frequency diathermy integrated into suboccipital release on tenderness and neck mobility and disability in people with chronic tension-type headache. Physical Therapy Korea, 24(2):37-47

3. Boost metabolism

Winback Tecar stimulates intra-and extra cellular exchanges. The natural resistance of biological tissues increases, creating diathermy which is used by the vascular/lymphatic system.

Study: Clijsen R, Leoni D, Schneebeli A, Cescon C, Soldini E, Li L, Barbero M. (2020) Does the application of Tecar therapy affect temperature and perfusion of skin and muscle microcirculation? A pilot feasibility study on healthy subjects. J Altern Complement Med, 26(2):147-153.



An immediate and lasting pain management. A wide range of conditions

9 out of 10 daily treatments can be performed using Winback therapy.

Winback therapy helps to address a wide range of pathologies from acute to chronic:

Low back pain, Neck pain Tennis elbow, Osteoarthritis pain, Arthritis pain, Lumbago, Sciatica, Rheumatoid arthritis pain, Musculoskeletal pain, Endometriosis pain, Stress management, Circulatory issues, Fast muscle strengthening...



Winback Tecartherapy adapts to therapists’ techniques and allows multimodality.

Don’t change your way of working, Winback is adapted to you.

More hands-on: manual therapy enhancement.

More active: enhanced exercise-based rehabilitation.

Winback TECAR integrates seamlessly into modern therapeutic techniques. Our technology is fully adapted to manual, active, and mobile therapy practices.



Non-invasive & comfortable for both the patients and therapists.

For the patient

The warm feeling and the immediate pain elimination make the session pleasant for the patient (who even will ask for more!)

For the therapist

As pain & tension are relieved, your manual efforts will be more efficient and less painful.

It has limited contraindications: No contraindications to joint replacements, orthopedic material, fractures. Can be used over tatoos and any skin type. Can be used daily.


Clinically proven.
Engineered for results.

We eliminate pain, restore movement and speed up the rehabilitation process.



What is TECAR?

T.E.C.A.R is short for Transfer of Capacitive And Resistive Energy.

Tecartherapy will increase intra and extra cellular exchanges. According to the principle of Dr. D'Arsonval, the tecartherapy causes a flow of ions through rapid electrical oscillations in the cellular environment. This flow will cause a permeabilization of the plasma membrane.

The scientific and physical term to describe this phenomenon is the permittivity of the cell membrane.

Applied in rehabilitation, these intra- and extracellular exchanges are increased even in athermia, thus optimizing tissue reconstruction. The slight increase in temperature increases the supply of nutrients and the elimination of toxins.

The process is completely non-invasive and the low-intensity energy is 100% natural for the human body.

Effects of Time varying Currents and magnetic fields in the frequency range of 1 KHZ to 1 MHZ for Human Body A stimulation study – J. Bohnert – O. Dossel – 32nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE EMBS Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 2010.

Winback TECAR seamlessly targets all tissues' depths

300 kHz

targets deep tissue

ligaments - joints - tendons

500 kHz

focuses on semi-deep tissues


1000 kHz

targets superficial tissues

skin - connective tissue - fascia


hospitals and clinics equipped


Medical staff of Sports teams and athletic organizations count on Winback

75 000

Patients treated daily

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