Our commitment

Innovate at the service of manual therapists to help them fulfill their mission.

Our History

High frequency current has demonstrated its effectiveness in the domains of orthopedic surgery, cosmetic medicine and more recently in the field of rehabilitation. Studies conducted over the last thirty years have shown that its therapeutic effects naturally stimulate tissue regeneration and reduce pain. When Christophe Buee founded Winback in 2010 in France, his idea was to provide Physical Therapists with a high frequency device that could be used simultaneously while delivering manual treatments. He was convinced this combination would help boost patients’ recovery, relieve pain more efficiently, facilitate healing more naturally with lasting results.

A close collaboration with clinicians validated his concepts and Winback received CE Medical clearance for its Back 1 and Back 3SE models in 2013 and quickly reached market leadership in Europe with over 2500 centers converted in less than 3 years.

 In 2017, Winback products were simultaneously approved by the 3 most important medical approval bodies:

The American FDA (USA)

The Korean FDA (KFDA)

The Canadian FDA (Canadian Health)

These approvals are the results of our dedication to maintaining the highest levels of excellence in quality and product innovation. More than 45 scientific studies published on Tecartherapy have demonstrated the benefits of our technology. Winback Therapy is now widely used by many medical professionals and sports team in over 35 countries around the world.

Today, WINBACK is one of the fastest growing company’s operating in the orthopedic and sports medicine market place with over 5,000 WINBACK therapy users worldwide and 35,000 WINBACK treatments performed every day.

As of 2020, we opened our US office in New York